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I'm a mediadeveloper at the Mediacollege of Amsterdam, currently in my second year of the course and wanting to finish it in order to study psychology. I currently like to do Css the most as I like to give my sites a specific look that fits their style. I'm not that good with JavaScript but I'm trying to get it under control.

About Myself

I'm an eighteen year old guy, living in the Netherlands. Born on the 7th of April in the year of 2000. My languages are mainly English and dutch but I can speak some basics of Italian, spanish, french and german

My Focus

Currently mostly focused on HTML and CSS because those are the things that I enjoy more.


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My Band

My Band



Website Renewal

Website renewal

Streamer's site

A site made for a swiss streamer

Future Project


Future Project



My name is Levi Kramer, a developer mostly focused on CSS and HTML.
I'm currently studying and hoping to finish the study pretty soon so I can focus on other projects that I want to complete in life. I'm going to focus on psychology after this study because that's where my heart feels more at home.
I will do everything I have in me in order to achieve what I want to do in life.

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